Monday, May 26, 2008

Grand Designs

What I’m enjoying about the development of the site, apart from not having to do any of the work, well done Kev and Penny, is the fact that we are letting it grow and develop organically-ish
Never having gone in with a set idea, we are able to look at the variety of sites that exist and see where we want to take it. The principle focus upto this point has been the programming and functionality and they have done and continue to do a great job so far. I’m excited to say that a new lad has come on board to do some design work on a new logo.

We are now on version three and the site is still in Beta, there is still a lot of work to be done, both on the on the front and back rooms, as well as the foundations, to over extend a bad metaphor.

Kev will be dropping by to say why he is programming in Silverlight and so will various content creators that im working with to put audio and visual shows on the t’interweb via The Chimp.

I also want to thank those that have put up with me over the last month as this has pretty much been my only point of conversation. Cheers.

Constructive feedback is actively sought.

Be seeing you.

Steven Keevil


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